Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The property is imperative however not key

The property is imperative however not key. The property helps the dispersion of benefit however what truly decides the conveyance of surplus is work. The responsibility for joint undertaking can be an individual, a family, a group, an express, a congregation, a gathering of experts ... Be that as it may the imperative thing is that they are the individuals who work in them who are the holders of the apples and oranges of work, don't procure specialists to adventure them and keep an occupation that is not theirs. No pay compensation. An altruistic financial speculator can have heaps of social obligation yet there's dependably misuse and managers who will keep the products of the soil of the work that is not theirs, in a joint wander this can not happen. 

At the level of the measurement there is no base. The organization may comprise of one individual: I do my business, I bring home the bacon and do that others can win it as well. Yes, it is conceivable to have a solitary joint venture. 

Comprehend that a few gimmicks that are asked to industrialist endeavors to be great, they are likewise requesting solidarity organizations. Case in point, the proficiency and profit are vital for the two sorts of organizations. Additionally, the requirement for administration incredibleness and development is fundamental in both cases. 

Anyway dissimilar to the predominating social endeavor is solidarity, participation and equity, towards the inner part and outside thereof. The disposition of the managers of the organizations is the same with those working for her and those around her surroundings, as the group and the nature's domain. 

To advance and ensure solidarity organizations state support is vital: a positive sample is the Ecuador, a nation that likewise has ordered an uncommon law to these organizations. Metropolitan governments likewise have a critical part to play around there; a great case at this level is the Mayor of Tecoluco in the Bajo Lempa, in El Salvador, which has backed the development of the gathering and is dynamic in his choices. 

In the locale, when did the idea of solidarity economy and how far we have come as such? 

The utopia of solidarity economy originates from in excess of 20 years back. Perhaps not with this name; with different names, for example, work trading and lending, money making concerns of destitution, well known economy, yet dependably with the idea that the individual working overrides the capital. There are individuals who have committed their lives to the subject: eg Aquiles Montoya here in El Salvador, Orlando Nuñez de Nicaragua, Luis Razeto in Chile. Why not known both the experience and the subject? Since the media are principally industrialists and disperse such considering. Also not very many option media who spread this other method for speculation and comprehension the world. 

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